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How to speed up your WordPress site

Speed and performance are the top-of-mind criteria when we create our themes. Besides the beautiful UI with many high-quality images, our themes are high-optimized enough to compete with every single high speed test tool like GTMetrix or Web Page Speed Test. Please take note that our theme itself is not a reason causing this problem. The speed and performance depend on images, content and even multiple plugins that you have put up on your site.

There’s a simple way for site optimization:

STEP 1: In WP admin panel, navigate to Theme Setting > Optimize Performance

STEP 2: Make your desired configuration in 3 sections – Minify Resource, Browser Cache and Page Cache

Even though you have done all setting, the site performance does not meet your expectation. You can try to:

  • Resize your images :Optimize all images with AI/Photoshop before uploading to server ‘save as web safe’ .jpg. Do not upload Images which are larger than their required size. It can definitely slow down your site. You can use EWWW Image Optimizer – a plugin that automatically optimize the images you uploaded. Once all images are on the website optimize with EWWW Image Optimizer plugin twice 1hr 10mins apart.
  • Install WP-Smushit: Install wp-smushit, run once to remove jpeg extra data, then uninstall it.
  • Deactivate needless plugins: Multiple plugins installation and activation are also the main reason causing the problem. Disable the extra plugins, then clear your browser cache and see whether the speed is increased or not. Then you can re-enable the plugins one by one and check the site speed each time to find out which plugin had slowed down your site.
  • Use BWP Minify plugin to minify scripts and stylesheets.
  • Use W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache: select all recommended settings.
  • Logout your website: visit every page at least once to create super cache files.
  • Join Cloudflare setup your website on their CDN, Choose options: Full CDN Optimisation save then activate purge files. once done log out.

If the above methods doesn’t generate any results, try to install and use a cache plugin – an enhanced tool created to speed up your website by minifying relevant css & html

Please try a google search for detailed information.